College Access

College Access is a branch of IMSOCIO concentrated on helping students from lower-income families gain the knowledge and skill-sets they need to go to college. Team leader Dayana Bustamante, 12th grader at Franklin High School, works with her group to promote the messages and ideals of College Access. These young leaders believe that more local students enrolled in college will have a beneficial ripple-effect on the entire community. The goal of College Access is to reverse the statistics associated with minorities entering college and dropping out of high school. Liliana De La Camara and Jennifer Ortiz, both 12th graders at FHS, are also members of College Access who strive for the success of minorities and students coming from lower-income families.

The major goal of College Access is to provide the necessary information for teenagers regarding the importance of a college education and the opportunities it provides for one’s career. The main targets for this abundant amount of information about college and possible internships are Latino students or students from lower-income families. It is common for students coming from lower-income families to drop out of high school and not bother to attend college. College Access aims to re-assess the underlying reasons for this trend in order to change the statistics and help the community. Students finishing high school and attending college creates stronger job applicants and makes a greater contribution to economic growth.

The main goals of College Access for Teens are:

  • Mapping locations of possible internships & tutoring locations
  • Teaching students about the many colleges and institutions available to fit their needs
  • Informing parents on the statistics of students dropping out and attending college, etc.
  • Helping students gain confidence they need to achieve success
  • Creating a foundation for college-bound high school students

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