Event 2: Safe Routes to School 2012

The IMSOCIO students had amplified the sidewalk project from last summer by not only identifying broken and missing sidewalks in Franklin Township, with an emphasis on residential areas near Pine Grove Manor Elementary School and Franklin Blvd., but also by identifying uncontrolled intersections (missing stop signs and traffic lights) and crossing points without clearly defined crosswalks or crossing guards. We have documented and mapped all of those threats to safe travel, and will identify safe routes to school on the map by using a process of elimination. On its own, this information may be valuable to the Franklin Township BOE etc. However, we want to take it to the next level of operation.

To enhance the students’ learning potential, we will encourage them to think critically about ways to make dangerous routes to school safer.  We will guide them through the process of creating a basic action plan and support their efforts to implement plans to have sidewalks installed/ signs added etc by asking the right questions about how these obstructions can be classified.

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