Sidewalk Inventory

Sidewalk Inventory is one of the four branches of IMSOCIO and is led by Alicia Ponce, an 11th grade student at Franklin High School.  The goal of Alicia’s group is to persuade local officials in Somerset to build more sidewalks or improve existing sidewalks to ensure the safety of the town’s residents and encourage walking to a destination, as opposed to driving.  Working along with Alicia are Karla Cruz, an 11th grader at FHS, Destin Fuller, a 12th grader at FHS and Krystal De Jesus, a 10th grader at FHS.

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This group of students from SOCIO is working on what its members feel is very necessary to help their community.  Somerset, New Jersey is where most of SOCIO’s members reside and many students have voiced their disappointment in the absence or sub-par condition of sidewalks in their town.  The goal of these students working in Sidewalk Inventory is to gain the necessary data to provide to town officials so they can add or improve upon sidewalks effectively and efficiently.  The lack of sidewalks in Somerset and many other towns is a safety hazard, which is why the students feel a great need to make a difference.  Adding sidewalks would make it easier for handicapped people to travel in a safer and more direct way.  These safety precautions can also prevent collisions between motorists and students who have to walk to school.  Accidents will certainly be avoided and the overall condition of sidewalks in the community will improve the welfare of everyone.

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