Mid-Summer Presentation

On July 14, 2012, IMSOCIO students, Enrique Noguera, and Dr. Wansoo Im completed a mid-summer presentation summarizing the projects they had completed, the benefits of community mapping, the goals of the program and what they have learned.  We were very fortunate to have Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula visit and offer very valuable advice.

The students expressed their gratitude for being able to partake in various projects to help their community, and discussed how the program has helped them grow, as individuals and a team.  Alicia Ponce, a Franklin High School senior, has stated that she has already learned so much from the program and that she believes this is just the beginning.  She feels there is still so much to do and learn from IMSOCIO.  During a reflections segment after the presentation, another student, Kevin Greene, stated, “I have learned how to make a change and also how the little things we do impact the community. The next step we need to take as a group is to inform the general public about the problems that children face walking to and from school and where they are in danger of being hit by cars.”  Assemlyman Chivukula shared that he sees a lot of promise in the IMSOCIO students and with continued dedication to solve the issues they observe within their communities, they are capable of making positive changes.

IMSOCIO and the presentation were featured in a local news website, NewBrunswickPatch.  Click here to view more information about the goals of the program, questions students asked, and a summary of Assemblyman Chivukula’s advice: New Brunswick Patch

Here are photos from a computer lab research session in preparation for the presentation, the actual presentation, and post-event activities

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