What is IMSOCIO?

IMSOCIO is an organization that was created through the partnership between SOCIO, Scholars Organizing Culturally Innovative Opportunities, and Dr. Wansoo Im of Vertices, LLC. IMSOCIO aims to encourage the academic progress of Hispanic high school students in Franklin Township by providing the support and resources necessary to facilitate their progression to higher education.

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Located in Somerset, New Jersey, Franklin High School is home to the Warriors and the Spanish Club.  The Spanish Club boasts over thirty members and is known for its dancing and empanadas.  However, during the 2010-2011 school year, SOCIO, led by Enrique Noguera, Jon Robles, and Jose Bueno, began to expand its focus.  Spanish Club adviser, Nathaly Bracamonte, decided to provide SOCIO with the opportunity to be part of the Franklin High School family.  Spanish Club students began to share their meetings with SOCIO and learn what they were all about.  Events were held and both clubs gathered to celebrate together.  The goal for both clubs was to give students the opportunities they needed to attend college.  Many students in Spanish Club were not motivated or were under-informed about their options and potential. But with the support of SOCIO, students began exerting more effort and practicing for tests, including the SATs.  The impact that SOCIO was making became quite obvious.

The goal has now evolved for SOCIO and entails giving Spanish Club students, now also SOCIO members, the confidence they need to succeed in life.  It is possible for Latinos to overcome the social obstacles put before them and go to college.  Any student can achieve success if they TRY.

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