Cultural Realizations and Mapping


IMSOCIO met for the second time to begin work on the first IMSOCIO project of the summer. At the end of the last event, students were given the task of keeping a log for the upcoming week so this week students wrote down their logs on an excel spread sheet of where they were, what they were doing, and when they were doing it. This very long and tedious process is the beginning of a map that will visually show students how and where they spend their time.


After, students where introduced to the other part of the project which is their maps being compared to those of South Korean students to show the different life each lives. As an introduction to the differences of Korean life, students performed a fishbowl exercise, an exercise where students sit in a circle with one student behind them. Then within the circle they discussed topics, like how see Korean life and questions about what they would want to know about the other students.


For the final activity students created story boards of how they see their lives, or where do they see themselves in the future. The storyboard activity express their lives through a new point of view by using the questions of the fishbowl exercise on themselves.

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