Recycling & Garbage Disposal

Recycling & Garbage Disposal is an important group that is determined to reach their “green” goal to clean up the community. Team leader Abel Palomo, a 12th grader at FHS, believes that mapping locations of receptacle bins and trash cans will motivate citizens to dispose of their trash properly. Jose Gomez-Martinez, a 12th grader at FHS, has made a habit of recycling and has seen the benefits this practice can have, which has led him to believe that recycling is the key to a greener Earth. Yetsi Rodriguez, a 12th grader at FHS, is the third member of the Recycling group. His motivation for joining comes from his desire to help his community become healthier through a cleaner environment and to become aware of the long-term effects of neglecting the earth. All students live in Somerset and feel it is their duty to take initiative and reach out to the community to spread awareness and encourage green habits.

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