The Beginning of IMSOCIO 2013


          IMSOCIO 2013 summer program started with students, new and returning, participating in a fun and ice-breaking scavenger hunt event to introduce them to the mapping program Mappler. Students downloaded Mappler’s mobile app “MapplerK” to view a mobile map that showed riddles and the area near to the answer of the riddle where a number card was hidden.


The hunt started at eleven and ended around twelve with students being divided into three teams competing to collect the most number cards. However,  For the first time there was a tie with two teams collecting respectively seven number cards each so a tie breaker was made which ended with the winning team being given a ten dollar iTunes gift card as the prize. However, when the prizes where given the students surprised all the preceptors by deciding to give the rewards to the youngest members of IMSOCIO.

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