Geocaching Survey Responses

Did this event exceed your expectations?

  • “Yes, I was not sure what to expect but I enjoyed the activity very much.”
  • “Yes, I thought it was going to be boring but it was fun and entertaining.”
  • “Yes, I didn’t think we would have a scavenger hunt.”
  • “Yea I expected it to be okay but man it was really fun.”
  • “It was actually more thrilling than I thought it would be.”
  • “Yes, I didn’t expect that the scavenger hunt was going to be so fun.”
  • “Yes it did. I really enjoyed this event and I am looking forward to this summer.”
  • “Yes, I thought that this was going to be harder but with team work it was easy.”

Have you participated in an event like this before? If so, how did you feel about it?

  •  ”I have done scavenger hunts but never one that involved mapping.”
  • “No, I haven’t. I’m glad I got a chance to though.”
  • “No, and I felt ready to take this challenge to town!”
  • “No, not really. Which is why I will join to have this experience.”
  • “No, it was fun and entertaining. It was unlike any other.”
What were your favorite and least favorite parts of the event?
  • “Favorite: Very hands on. Least favorite: not always sure which points had already been found.”
  • “The competitive level was really fun because it kept everyone going. To be honest, there is no least favorite part. I enjoyed everything”
  • “My favorite was rubbing it in their faces and least was running to get the tags.”
  • “Favorite: the competition and technology. Least favorite: no water.”
  • “My favorite part is that we got to be outside. It was hands on. My least favorite part is that the location was not accurate enough.”
  • “My favorite part was searching for treasure.”
  • “I liked everything the whole experience to be with everyone was fun and amazing.”
  • “My favorite part was finding the points. My least favorite part was not winning.”
  • “Favorite was the scavenger hunt and least was losing.”
  • “My favorite part was the scavenger hunt. But in the beginning it was boring, all the talking was not entertaining.”
  • “I didn’t have any least favorite parts of this event. It was pretty fun and the scavenger hunt was entertaining.”
  • “My favorite part was the scavenger hunt, using the Mappler app. and having good communication. I didn’t have a least favorite part.”
  • “Favorite: Being around different people. Least: losing.”
  • “Favorite: found points and worked as a team. Least favorite: when we did not find the points.”
Do you have any other comments or suggestions for improving the event?
  • “No, it is great.”
  • “I thought the event was very well-planned. The only improvement would be to give everyone a coordinates sheet.”
  • “It was really fun. I enjoyed my time a lot.”
  • “The riddles should be more challenging.”
  • “No comments besides that I love this and we should do activities like these more often.”
  • “Have more treasures or tickets. Therefore we will be looking for a longer time.”
  • “I wish for other people to experience this kind f event and I am looking forward to more of these events :)”
  • “I enjoyed this day very much and I want to experience it again.”
  • “Not really. The adventure was amazing the way it was already :)”

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